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Prabhu & Co was established in 1970, mainly dealing in Steel Windows. This used to be specified by Architects and extensively used in various building projects such as MES, PWD, CPWD, P & T, Factories, in large projects throughout India in government and private institutions.

We have done exceedingly well in this line for about 4 decades now, to the entire satisfaction of all concerned – Architects, our principals, all our Clientele and to ourselves and earned goodwill and good reputation from all concerned, which we value as our biggest ‘Assets’ and long lasting ‘Investment’.

  • Robust Locking

    Robust Locking

    Domal Window system comes with a special movement transmission Profile with double locking to ensure a robust locking system.

  • Comfortable Temperature

    Comfortable Temperature

    Domal Windows are designed to take combination of Insulated glass and reflective solar glass which will provide a very comfortable interior temperature.

  • Weather proof

    Weather proof

    Domal Windows are manufactured with special extrusions, European hardwares, EPDM both inside and outside glazing gaskets in order to give a fully weather proof --- Air and water tight – in order to provide clean interiors.  Machine punched water drainage systems -- slots with cover are provided in order for the rain water to drain out effectively.

  • Calm Interior

    Calm Interior

    Domal Windows are factory made with special hardwares like glass spessors and EPDM gaskets to provide adequate cushioning to preventing metal to glass contact.  Insulated glass can be provided for acoustic effects providing a very calm interior atmosphere.

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