Domal Garden
Domal Garden
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A solarium or a winter-garden are only two of the many different solutions that a designer or an architect could create with Domal.

A conservatory can protect you from the sun and the rain, creating at the same time a link between inside and outside, between your family-life and the external world.

A conservatory allows energy-saving, catching the light and the warmth of sun for the whole day during the winter, and allowing fresh air during the summer.

Your house, your bar or your hotel will have a new look, while you can enjoy more freedom and contact with nature. With Domal your conservatory could be solid and classic or light and innovative. An ideal application as a separation between balcony and living/bed rooms of an apartment.

Domal Garden is a sliding and folding door/window systems. Perfectly adaptable to all constructions, Domal Garden offers the possibility to protect and make all commercial, public and domestic premises luminous.

  1. This system is adapted for large dimensions up to 2.2 m high and 4 m wide and offers the possibility for collection of shutters in folded condition on either/both sides. 
  2. A double gasket barrier (central and peripheral) enables to reach high level of performance.
  3. Principle: opening frames are guided by a roller rail at the top. Bottom rail can be embedded.
  4. Infill glass can be single or double glazed or laminated board (thickness can vary from 4 to 26 mm).
  5. Equipped with retractable hinges for inside cleaning      
  6. Can be used as applications in Conservatories with folding doors (both sides).