Domal Super Series
Domal Super Series

Ideal for Commercial, Institutional Buildings, Hospitals and Hotels, doors from Domal Super offer single and double leafed-doors, outward or inward opening, with fixed or openable upper frames, and swing-doors.

  1. Fixed frame: depth 45 mm, Door frame: depth 45 mm.
  2. Glazing seat height: 20 mm. (net height)
  3. Options of wall overlapping of the fixed frame: from 17.5 mm. to 70 mm.
  4. Infill glass can be single or double glazed: from 5 mm. to 40 mm. according to the glazing bead
  5. The air tight system is obtained through glazing gaskets inserted in the gasket cavity, so as to leave the lateral sides of the profiles flat and clear and allow for an easier installation of the locks or of other mechanical/electrical locking devices (door check).
  6. The external and internal surfaces of the finished door shall be flat, with a 5 mm. distance between the profiles.
  7. Spring glazing beads shall provide housing for the insertion of the glazing gaskets. Fittings and Siliconised EPDM gaskets are original of the system.
  8. Specially designed die cast / extruded aluminium cleats which provide excellent rigidity to corner joints.
  9. Superb water and air tightness with double gasket solution
  10. Special application threshold for wheel chair movement ideal for Hospitals
  11. Reversible hinges in 2 /3 parts and clamped hinge option for a large and heavy door
  12. Wide choice of Door Bottom and Central Transom profiles for aesthetic, design and operational convenience.
  13. A wide choice of external fittings